6 Types of eco-friendly food packaging and 3 to avoid

Eco-friendly food packaging is need of an hour, and consumers only want more. Package your food products more sustainably?
Food items are mostly packed in plastic or non friendly materials for the earth. According to research, consumer packaging causes large amounts of paper and plastic waste. This is very harmful to the earth and also increases global warming.

With time people understand the need for changing plastic food packing into eco-friendly packaging. Below are some suggestions to opt for instead of plastic or harmful materials for packaging.

Best eco-friendly food packaging and 3 to avoid

Kraft Material/Paper

It is also known as butcher or brown paper. It is highly used in foreign countries by the industries for packing food and other items. They are known for their durability, resistance. The word came from the German word ‘Kraft’, which means resistance, strength, and effectiveness. Kraft papers are made of wood pulp which possesses a coarse and brown color.

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They are high in demand due to the environmentally-friendly tendency as they are made from plants. These are compostable and recyclable, which increases the demand by environmentalists. They thus make the country clean and reduce global warming.

Glass Material

Glass material or containers are environment-friendly and, at the same time, give an elegant appearance to the viewer. They are durable, reusable, and easy to clean. You can store different items in glass containers, from dry items to liquids like water or drinks.

Though if you are putting some liquid or semi-liquid thing, then make sure the lid is leakproof. To ensure that many glass containers with snap-lock plastic containers are also available in the market. Other options can be bamboo or silicone lid for the containers.

Using glass containers gives your kitchen and home a classy look at an affordable price.


Bamboo is a great option for food packaging as they are biodegradable and also possesses desirable qualities. They are durable and have heat-resistant capacity. This food packaging includes glass jars with bamboo lids and also bamboo serving bowls and spoons.

The criticism can be that they are less durable and less resistant than steel glasses or bowls.


These are carved out from maize and corn, which make them environment friendly. The most important characteristic is that they are biodegradable, which is essential for nature conservation. The disposal must be done so that it doesn’t take a long time for decomposition.

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After the decomposition, the substance will break into two parts: carbon dioxide and water. Both materials are environment-friendly. They are affordable, easy to produce, and sustainable, making them perfect for food packaging companies to use as a substitute for plastic material.

PET Plastic

Though the material is plastic yet it is safe, powerful, flexible, non-toxic, recyclable. It is highly admired and used due to its characteristics and used in glass packaging because of its strong tendency. One attractive thing it possesses is it is very light and also available in a variety of colors. Another great feature that PET contains is that it is a vital barrier that maintains the integrity of the product. It can be found in different sizes and colors.

Bubble Wrap

You can easily find this while packing fragile items. They are transparent and flexible and are very lightweight. The spaced bubble and protrude it an air cushioning tendency. One surface is filled with bubble wrap, while another is flat. The proper way of using bubble wrap for packing is to pack the bubble surface touching the item. They can be recycled at the place where plastic is recycled.

3 Things to avoid

Single-Use Material

Water bodies like oceans and rivers are most prone to damage by using single-use plastic. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch can understand it; it accumulates plastic debris between Japan and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.

Few examples of single-use plastics are strewed, bottle caps, beverages, bottles, and plastic bags.

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Bags with BPA

Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) is a material that is used in plastic. This material is made from Bisphenol-A (BPA), which is a plasticizer addictive. If it gets ingested, it increases the probability of infertility, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and other metabolic disorders.

It is menacing for the environment, so avoid using plastic material.

Takeout Containers made of plastic

After the food is eaten people throw them which causes lots of pollution and threatens the environment. It can not be decomposed easily, and also if burnt, it is toxic to the air.

Summing Up

There are many ways you can save your environment by not doing something extra in your life. All the alternatives mentioned above are easily accessible, and also some of them are affordable. Be wise and select the best for you and the environment.

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