Can running help you lose weight?

With running, you can be in shape without any dietary restrictions. You can eat whatever you want, as long as you exercise.

Maintaining a good physique is equally important as earning good money nowadays. When you get in good shape we often go to the gym or try sports like swimming or cycling, etc. 

Though all this asks for some pre-arrangements like gyming equipment, pool, and a cycle/bike, etc. Have you wondered about any kind of workout which doesn’t ask for any sort of economic expenditure? Yes, it is like running. 

Running is a great workout for all ages of people. You can be in shape without any dietary restrictions. You can eat whatever you want but of course, if you limit your unhealthy food consumption too then you will get effective results. It is also linked to several health merits which you may not be aware of. 

You can use running as your stress buster after a hectic day in the office. Running can be great fun when done with close ones like friends. Below are some benefits of running that you can’t ignore.

How does running promote the maintenance of your body?

It’s Convenient

A gym, pool, badminton rackets, or a cycle are things that can’t be found everywhere. That can make your whole day or days go in vain without working out. However, when you opt for running it can be everywhere without any equipment. You just require a natural and open space then you are good to go. No matter where you travel you can always do running. It can be done anytime and anywhere.

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Can give you a thrilling experience

Studies justify that conventionally runners have a more thrilling life as a comparison to non-runners. They experience anecdotal levels. It makes you more intense and worth exercising.

Improves your knees and back

Researches justify that people who go for running experience lesser joint issues in their old age. Also, runners have lesser knees and back issues in their lifetime. Running gives lots of aid in preventing any joint pain.


Sometimes we are already very late but the distance is walking distance. However, walking may not be good for you at that time. Then you should go running instead of walking. It will save time.

Running daily can help you in keeping your speed high and it also increases your walking speed.

Which is a better treadmill or running?

A treadmill is also a form of running we do on the spot. Thus/ the treadmill will also make you lose weight. However, it also depends on the speed we are running on the treadmill.

While running on a treadmill you don’t have to push your legs to walk forward against the stationary ground and also you don’t have to fight against the wind. While running you do both things. Going against the wind is already acting as a barrier which makes your running more fruitful.

What are the types of running?

Base runs

A base run can also be known as a normal run, which we usually do. These are short to the average length of running. These are done near your place. It may be around 5-10 km. 

Long runs

These are comparatively longer than the base run. These runs are done at a similar pace but only the distance is longer. Those who want to have a good intensity workout should go for this running. It is 15-20 km of running in a day. 

Interval runs

These are brief, intense runs done by taking multiple breaks. These are done several times like 2km X 6. These are done for power check along with stamina building. Between the breaks, light jogging is done.

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After reading all this you must have realized how rewarding running can be to you and your body. It will not only decrease your weight but also increase your stamina and make your joints stronger.

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