How To Protect Your Eyes From Blue Light

Find out how to protect your eyes from blue light from your smartphone, computer, TV or other digital device.

When we talk about eye strains or issues, the most common thing that comes to mind is using a laptop or smartphone screen. Screens give a major impact on the eyes in every manner. The more you use screens the more your eyes get worse.

Due to work commitments and the pandemic, the usage of screens has increased a lot. Now everything has turned digitized and requires you to focus on these computer screens. Intense work can result in eye strain and dryness.

The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics states in its research that an individual blinks approximately 65% less while using a screen. This causes dryness in the eyes. Blinking is an essential human body activity as it spreads mucus and tears in the eyes which are a hydrating substance. Dryness and redness in eyes can be due to less blinking of eyes, as tears require more time to evaporate.

The brightness of the screen can be another reason for dry and tired eyes. This can also be known as Digital Eyes Syndrome which is highly common among people.

You can be suffering from DES if you are facing these issues- 

  • Dryness in eyes
  • Watery eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Doubled vision
  • Strains in the eyes
  • Pain in Neck and Shoulder
  • Headaches
  • Dark circles(not always but can be)

Keep reading to learn more about the steps to protect your eyes from such issues

20/20/20 Principle

This is a great principle to keep your eyes healthy and also maintain a balance in your eyes. Staring at a monitor all day can be very tiresome but we have to do it. Following this principle prevents your eyes from certain eye problems.

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In this rule, If you stare at a screen for 20 minutes then you should try to look away at an object which is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Being precise is not the key. You should simply try to focus on something far away from you for 20 seconds to completely relax.

Improve your Glasses

Nowadays every other person wears glasses. Your glasses can help you to prevent eye issues. Talk to your doctor about anti-reflective coatings or special lenses. They keep the person’s eyes at ease by diminishing the glare at the monitor screen.

Your strain on the eyes can also be due to the wrong glass number. You should always wear the correct prescription glasses.

Be regular for an eye check-up

If you get your eyes checked periodically, it will keep you safe from any dangerous eye problems. It helps you to know that your eyes are healthy and there are no other issues. This gives you the opportunity to discuss your regular screen use and habits with the doctor that can improve your eyesight.

Usage of Eye Drops

Eye drops are a great alternative to bring fake tears in your eyes to keep your eyes hydrated. It keeps your eyes lubricated when you use a monitor. Over The Counters (OTC) works as a man made tear agent.

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If these OTC eye drops don’t work for you then you can consult your eye doctor regarding this. They will suggest a better option and look after you if you have any major issues.

Choose Laptop size and position wisely

Both the size and the position of the laptop matters a lot for the maintenance of the eyes. Opt for a larger screen size of the laptop. It makes the words and images appear colossal and clearer. It reduces strain in your eyes for focusing at a certain point.

The position of the screen should be placed such that your eyes focus directly on the center of the screen. The ideal position should be a bit lower than your eyes as it reduces the chances of evaporation of your tears from your eyes.


These are some basic remedies you can follow to keep your eyes healthy even after operating a laptop/ mobile screen daily. One thing that will work is to try reducing your screen time as it will provide relaxation to the eyes. You can download apps which remind you to take frequent breaks. Also, make your proper sleeping schedule.

You can change the lighting of the room; neither too bright nor too dim. Performing some eye exercises is also beneficial for you, you can also opt for some supplements if you want. Stay hydrated by drinking the required glasses of water throughout the day.

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