Quarantine Weight Gain: Causes and Tips to Manage it

Many people may experience some weight gain during a quarantine. This will help to know the causes of quarantine weight gain and strategies.

Quarantine came with sets of challenges and difficulties, be it mentally or physically. Most of the challenges were without an answer, but people found the answers with time. One of the major concerns of quarantine was weight gain. You are not alone if you are concerned about weight gain, sitting at home without any physical activity makes people gain weight. 

Going to the gym or running is still not an advisable activity to do, so here are some ways to lose weight in your home.

What are some reasons for weight gain?

At a certain point in time, every one of us feels there is a need for a workout as we have gained weight. Maintaining your weight or figure has become a norm in our world. 

Before learning a few remedies to lose weight, we first need to understand gaining weight. Knowing the root cause of weight gain will be helpful for you. There can be multiple reasons for weight gain. It can be due to stress, overeating or mental health, etc.

Mental Health

The Thai stressful and competitive world has developed a lot and has a traumatic experience in everyone’s life. We all deal with a variety of things/situations, some good and some bad. This is where mental health comes from; if you are not strong mentally, you won’t accept the dynamic world.

Mental health is essential for a person to keep themselves fit. If you are not in a good mental state, you can have several physical problems; weight gaining can be one of them. 

Factors like depression, anxiety, or feeling lonely can be one such reason for quarantine weight gain.

An inactive or desk-bound lifestyle

If you will be stationary or minimize your bodily movements, then weight gain is apparent. This quarantine confided everyone to their homes which restricted everyone’s bodily movements. Gym, parks, and other physical activity places are closed because people can’t carry out healthy bodily movements.

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Restricting yourself to home can make you overeat both healthy and unhealthy food items due to boredom. This all increases your body weight during quarantine.


This quarantine laid lots of burdens or problems on people, be it not being able to find a new job or health issues or mentally unstable due to loss of someone close, etc. These all can lead to stress, due to which people tend to gain weight.

According to some research, increased stress can urge to eat more, especially unhealthy food items.

How to maintain weight or lose weight

Maintaining your weight is not only good but has also become a necessity in today’s world. Below are some tips to lose weight in and after lockdown.

Consume more water

If you want to lose weight, then follow the traditional way of keeping yourself hydrated. Drinking flavored drinks like soft drinks, packed sugars or soda, etc., have lots of sugar, which increases the probability of weight gain and comes with several problems.

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Consumption of litres of water daily will keep your stomach full, decreasing the urge to eat or drink unhealthily.

Eat food cooked at home

This lockdown forced people to cook at home daily instead of ordering from outside. This made people learn to make new dishes and also this helped people to lose their weight. When people cook at home, they tend to use all the healthy ingredients for the dish. People maintain the amount of food they are putting on the plate.

All these things not only help to lose weight but also keeps you healthy.

Perform some daily activities

Though you are cramped at home, you should still do high-intensity physical activities like aerobics, dance, yoga, workout, etc. You can do these activities in your room without spending a penny. There are several videos available on the internet.

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You can also walk for some time in your home or on your terrace. All these activities will keep you fit and also will help you to lose weight.

Store healthy food

If your home has only healthy food, then no matter what, you will eat healthy food; this will maintain both your health and body. It may taste bitter or tasteless initially, but later on, you will love it. You should avoid stocking unhealthy food items at home as they will fascinate you to eat them, making you gain weight.

Bottom Line

You are not alone if you want to make your body fit. Doing all these activities will work, but it will take time. You can’t lose weight within a week, but yes, it can be the beginning to new you. These will not only help you lose weight but will also help to maintain your mental well-being.

You should prepare yourself a schedule or daily routine; this will motivate you to do some physical activity at home. These all things mentioned above will help you in this process.

We, at Crypto Food, offer several tips about the important aspects of food and a healthy lifestyle. We tend to assist you to arrange specifically for varied food varieties and supply you with complete help to browse our weblog to grasp additional tips.

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