Ways To Discover Your True Self

In order to discover yourself, you have to take time to be still. Check out these tips in this article to find yourself.

We all have to take a break and give time to ourselves. Performing a daily routine is nice but we also have to see that you are satisfied and happy with your life. The moment you think ‘whether you are happy with your life?’ is the first step you take for self-discovery.

People often can’t find the correct answer to this question, even if they get the answer they are not able to improve their lifestyles.

Pandemic has given a great opportunity for all to take a break and think about mental health and lifestyle. People have started following their passion in this pandemic and gave a re-birth to their desires and creativity.

You will be delighted and contended when you include your dreams, passion, personality in your rush life. Day-to-day activities might not be interesting or happening for you. Performing the responsibilities of adults is important but enjoying that life and all those moments is also important.

Discovering yourself may sound cosmic but it can be reached. 

  • Evaluate yourself
  • Think about things you are lacking
  • Take initiative for that fulfillment

Here are some ways to explore your real self

Evaluate your abilities

Before exploring something new, you can think of the skills or abilities that you know you possess. You may not be aware that any habit that makes you happy can be your strength and you can start your career in that. There are many such skills like dancing, sketching, cooking or party organizing, etc. These may seem ordinary but if you have a rigorous knowledge about them then you might earn your living with these skills.

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Take some time and think of things you do when you feel down or those that make you happy. You might find something that you never realized. Ask your parents or friends what they think of the skills you possess.

Explore more options

Think out of the box or do something unusual. This pandemic was a time for numerous people to try something new. You will not know if you like that thing until you give it a shot. Trying something new is risky but you may learn many things.

You will not know that you like painting until you try it one night. This feeling of liking something different from your usual things will give you the motivation to learn more about that. Not having a passion is okay, but you can develop it by trying different things. 

You may not get great outcomes from trying different options but you may realize what makes you happy. Try something adventurous as it will give you some thriller and energize your inner self. If you are a minor, try exploring some safe options like learning different languages or coding, dancing, art, and craft or vlogging, etc.

What makes you unique

Think about the values or morals that make you unique from others. Have thought about the values you possess that make you happy and you search for them in other people.

These values can be the basis for your judgment about the person. They include values like-

  • Helpful nature 
  • Honest 
  • Playful 
  • Optimistic in life 
  • Energy booster 
  • Risk-taker 
  • Courageous

There are many other values that a person believes are important. If you haven’t given this a thought yet, give it thought immediately. These are some things that will make you feel happy and will also organize your thoughts.

Maintain a journal

Maintaining a journal is a great thing. It can act as a life book if you have maintained it since childhood. After reading old journals you will realize what changes have been incorporated into you with time. Journals are also kept to pen down all the emotions, stress, or any other thing you are feeling at that moment. This is also kept to plan your future. Some people mention their bucket list in the journal and also the future they desire. Mentioning these things will help them to keep motivated to work for them.

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If you are not a writing person you can also draw your feelings and end it with a line or quote about your current mood.

Summing Up

If you feel these things are not enough then you can also opt for some tutorials about something you don’t know. You can also question yourself; are you happy with this life? What do you think is missing? What are your desires? Etc.

These are the first and biggest steps towards exploring yourself or making you happier and satisfied in life. Being happy in your life is not dependent on someone else but you, yourself. Remove pessimistic thinking about any situation, think about good things in every bad situation. This will keep you motivated. This is not a destination, it is a journey. It will take time to have patience.

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