Choose a full-body workout to stay fit

A full-body workout requires rigorous movements of all the muscles in the body, making them a compound workout.

Staying fit is not a choice but a requisite. To stay fit people go for a variety of options like controlling their diet, walking, or doing any other exercise. All can work well when combined with a full-body workout.

A full-body workout asks for rigorous movement of whole-body muscles. These can be considered as compound workouts, which demand muscles and joints. These are effective in bringing significant changes in your body shape. These are more potent than the different joint workouts. As it acts as a workout session from head to toe.

It comes with several benefits like burning lots of calories, strengthening your muscles and joints, and increasing your body metabolism.

In a whole-body workout, every part of your body moves to complete that exercise. It will not only affect one part of your body, in fact, the whole body, and turn into a positive life.  

There are several benefits of a full-body workout. Few of them are- 

  • Enhances cardiorespiratory system
  • Awakes all crucial muscle groups 
  • Aids in burning more calories 
  • Elevates your heartbeat 
  • Improves the brain functioning

Few best exercises for your whole body


The most common but efficacious exercise for your whole body is push-ups. Most beginners and veteran bodybuilders always go for push-ups to strengthen their bodies. It might be an old but very famous and effective exercise. It works for a variety of muscles, but the main targets are the chest, core, and triceps. You lift approximately 60% of your body weight when doing push-ups. Do at least 20-30 push-ups for productive results.

Remember to keep your shoulders tight and be at a plank position in the beginning. It will take you a few weeks to complete an actual single plank.

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Another common yet effective work-out is pull-ups. There are several stages for doing pull-ups. You should strain, sweat, and work till the day your chin touches the rod. The day you will touch the rod with your chin it will be your first official and actual pull-up. It strengthens your whole body and increases your metabolism.


When you exercise, one important exercise is to check your balance. Lunges contribute to enhancing the functional movement of the body. On the same hand, it builds up your legs and glutes.

You should stand feet shoulder-width apart and keep your arm down. Following, take a right leg forward and then bend your right knee on the same hand. Keep your thighs parallel to the ground. However, don’t pass your right knee past your right foot. After doing this, come back to the original position (standing position) and repeat it with your left leg.

That whole left and right movement will be considered as one rep. Do at least 20-30 reps.


Another constructive exercise is squats. Squats enhance the lower body and core strength. It also boosts the flexibility in your lower back and hips. The hidden reason is that they activate the largest muscles in the body. It also burns a pack of calories and thus results in a fit body.

You should stand straight and make the distance between both legs. The distance should not be much and keep your arms down. Keep your back straight and chin-up. Bend your legs in a way that you are sitting like on a chair. The whole pressure of your body will be diverted to your legs. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground.

After bending down, stand straight again. Take a second break and then do the same process again. You should try performing 50 squats in 3 reps.

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Summing up

These are a few exercises that augment your body’s muscles and joints. After doing this you will experience an affirmative change in your body. Your body’s structure will change but it can take a while to have noticeable changes.

A few more exercises you can try are-

  • Doing dumbbells
  •  Single-leg deadlifts
  • Side planks
  • Burpees

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