11 Quick and Healthy Snacks Ideas at Workplace

Having nutritious snacks to eat during the workday can help you stay energized and productive. List of quick & healthy snacks ideas at work.

No matter what work you do, whether you are an engineer, teacher, accountant or entrepreneur, etc. you need to be energized and strong. When hunger strikes you while working all you can think about is junk food. As they are tasty and quickly available to make or eat. This deteriorates your health condition. Substitute this unhealthy snack with a healthy one. This will not only give you energy but also will boost your immunity. It’s healthy and also delicious.

Here are some quick and healthy snacks to eat at work-

Eating Sprouts

Everyone must have tried sprouts at least once in their lifetime, forcefully or willingly. Mothers often try to feed their children with sprouts as it is healthy and can have lots of variation in it. You can add your uniqueness or chef mark by making it according to your taste. A most common way is to squeeze some lemon and put some ‘chaat masala’ in it along with chopped cucumbers or tomatoes or any other fruit or vegetable you want.

Baked Snacks

When it comes to baked snacks people tend to think it is potato chips or any other chips. No, baked snacks are soya chips, chakra, chakli, etc. These are some famous Indian snacks that are delicious yet healthy to consume.

Avocados and Brown Rice

Avocados can do wonders as they are high in fiber and fats. They are healthy and also nourish your hair and skin. What can be better than eating something that not only tastes good but also improves your skin and hair quality!

Brown rice is another example that provides you with carbs and also boosts energy.

Sweet Corns

Most of you must be remembering your childhood when you used to eat sweet corn. Your mouth must be watering or drooling right now. Sweet corn can be both healthy and yummy at the same time. It can be made according to your preference. Whether you want it salty, spicy, or buttery.
You just have to boil some sweet corn and then add some spices like salt, butter, red chili powder, and chat masala according to the taste, and then it is ready to go.


Roasted chickpeas are another mouth-watering snack. Chickpeas are both rich in fiber and protein. These come in various varieties like chana masala, plain change, etc. Makhane is another example of roasted chickpea which is healthy yet appetizing. These can easily fit in your pockets and can be found in any grocery or small roadside stall.

Tuna Pouches

This is another example of a healthy snack. It can be stored without the fear of being drained or smelly. You can find it both online and offline. Due to the availability of 3- fatty omega acids, it decreases the risk of heart diseases and they are also rich in proteins.

Greek Yogurt

Yogurt is always healthy to consume, greek yogurt is plain and does not have sweetness in it. It has many benefits like being rich in protein, minerals, and calcium which makes your bones and teeth strong and healthy.


You must remember the time eating popcorn in theatres. Popcorns are highly nutritious yet soothe your taste birds. They are low in calories and high in fiber, carbs, minerals, and several vitamins.

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It helps to control heart diseases with help of antioxidants known as polyphenols present in it. Popcorn is available both in ready-made form and to be cooked form.


Sandwiches are both healthy and taste yummy. Consuming sandwiches with brown bread will be more beneficial. You can have it with sliced vegetables or fruits like cucumber, potatoes, etc., or peanut butter.

Dark Chocolates

For any chocolate lover, it will be like a windfall. They can consume dark chocolate daily and yet remain healthy. Too much consumption of dark chocolate is not good, try to consume a small square at a time. Dark chocolates can be found in any grocery or dairy shop. They are rich in antioxidants which fight against the molecules known as free radicals. They are the reason for few chronic diseases and damaged cells.


Spiced cashews are another appetizing yet healthy to eat example. It is loaded with nutrition like minerals and vitamins. They benefit your eye function due to the presence of lutein and zeaxanthin.

Bottom Line

Not every healthy thing is tasteless. These healthy options of snacks are proving this. Some other options of healthy snacks you can have are green smoothies, chia pudding, frozen yogurt bark, trail mix, fruits, roasted pumpkin seeds, and hard-boiled eggs, etc. Hence, you should take care of your health while working to stay focused. Avoid junk food or processed food as much as possible to remain active and healthy.

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Q1 What are some ideas for healthy quick snacks?

Ans The ideas for healthy quick snacks are dried fruits, healthy seeds such as pumpkin seeds, chia seeds etc and dark chocolates.

Q2 What are healthy foods to eat as snacks?

Ans The healthy food options are poha, Greek yogurt, sandwiches, salads, so on.

Q3 What are some healthy snacking tips for office goers?

Ans Fruits like apple, banana, grapes, avocados and brown bread sandwich, chila, food-wraps, healthy drinks like juices, smoothies, etc.

Q4 How long does it take until you feel the effects of eating healthy? Can you recommend some healthy snacks to eat at work?

Ans Some healthy work snacks are fruits (fresh and dried), yogurt, veggies, and nuts. For a little sweetness like fruit dips of caramel and chocolate. Also you can eat makhana, energy bar, peanuts, and sandwiches etc.

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