How is Your Digital Dependence Affect Your Mental Health

Digital media addiction is a behavioral addiction that has been found to negatively impact the mental health & relationships.

Now-a-days, digital support and addiction are expanding day by day. From searching for pins to locations. From buying paints and pencils to buying cars and phones, etc. We all are dependent on the internet. The world has now become a digital world where we can do things in fractions of seconds.

It has different sorts of mediums for dependence like social media (Instagram, snap chat and WhatsApp, etc.), phones, games, and OTT platforms ( Netflix, prime, zee5, and many more). It takes time to have an addiction to such things.

However, have you wondered how this addiction to the digital world can impact our mental health?

Everything has its pros and cons, so do this. We have to look at both sides to understand how harmful this digital media addiction can be.

If you don’t believe that you are addicted, then some things will make you think:

You connect everything to the digital world

All the activities you do in a day are somehow connected to the digital world. From searching solutions for your answers/ work to playing games online and talking to your friend via chatting to booking cabs for your traveling. Though it made your life easy, it made you dependent and out of touch with the real world. You can go to your friend’s home to play but still prefer online chatting. You can search for solutions in books, but still, you prefer online.

You get protective when confronted

No one believes when they are told that you are using too much internet or mobile phone. You develop defensive behavior. You should yourself note your time consumption of these digital media sites like social media, games websites, or binge-watching. If you watch your daily usage, then you will realize whether you are addicted or not.

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You don’t have to do anything to keep a watch on your consumption. Every smartphone has a feature of keeping notes of your phone usage. It displays the time you spent on each app.

Deprivation of involvement with family or friends

You lack interest in spending your valuable time with your family or friends. You value your gadgets more than your close ones. You always stick to your phone at a function or family gatherings, etc.

Minimal physical activities 

Though Covid-19 confined everyone to their homes, you don’t do any physical activity at home like cleaning your house or exercising to maintain yourself in the home. Everything is opening gradually, so you can also go downstairs for a walk or play. If you don’t feel like doing anything, just sticking yourself to your phone, you are addicted.

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You can’t stay away from your phone. You feel empty without your phone. You always want your phone to be with you.

Impact of digital dependence on the mental condition

Sleeping complaints

When you use phones at night, then you can develop a sleeping disorder. The screen light can affect your sleeping pattern. Due to the phone usage, it affects your eyes, and also you are not able to sleep at your usual time. You can generate insomnia due to this and also leads to a change in the sleeping cycle. It triggers mood swings, irritability, dark circles, and headaches.

Habit of procrastination

Engaging yourself in the digital world can avoid daily activities like playing, homework, household work, or daily activities. This can burden all the work at the last moment, which leads to stress and anxiety.

Social validation

The race of being popular or high in demand can be seen everywhere, from children to older people. This makes people work according to external validation or social acceptance. Instead of seeing their comfort, they perform activities according to society. This leads to stress and worry. It eventually leads to low self-confidence or self-esteem.

Hostile thinking

Regular exposure to negative images or comments on digital platforms can make you pessimistic. Any negative comment you post for someone can affect their thoughts in a harmful manner.


These are some of the reasons why you should limit your access to the digital world. After reading this, you can understand whether you are an addict to the digital world or not.

However, this addiction can also impact physical illness:

  • Eye problems
  • Weight gain
  • Incorrect posture

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