What is Imposter Syndrome? Ways to Overcome it

Imposter syndrome takes “fake it, until you make it” to a new level. We break down the origins of imposter syndrome and how to overcome them.

Do you ever wonder that your success is just because of a fluke? Do you think your friends or those you know are more capable than you? Do you ever think you know nothing, or you are least talented? Have you ever wondered that you are fake or completely dishonest in front of others? Do you think you are unqualified for a job you are doing? This can be because you are suffering from imposter syndrome.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome or Perceived Fraudulence is a disorder that includes the feeling of self-doubt or low self-esteem. It makes people feel underconfident about themselves despite their education, job, experience, accomplishments, etc.

What does it feel like?

It is an imbalance between your perception of yourself and the way others think about you. No matter how others praise you or recognize your talents, you are never satisfied and always in self-doubt. Your accomplishments never make you feel satisfied or happy. It is just a delusion for you about yourself and society.

This can lead to anxiety, fear, guilt, and low self-esteem.

How can a person have Imposter disorder?

There can be multiple reasons for having Imposter Disorder. Below are some ways by which you can have this-

Childhood environment

What you experience in childhood can be one of the vital reasons for having this disorder. 

If your parents- 

  • Compare you to your friends or siblings 
  • Overprotective and dominating 
  • Force you to excel in school
  • Severely criticize your mistakes 
  • Questions your intelligence

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Personality Traits

  • Being a perfectionist 
  • Have poor confidence about managing your behavior and responsibility 
  • Increased scores on neuroticism measuring 
  • Decreased scores on conscientiousness measuring

How to cure the imposter disorder?


Talking with someone is far better than bottling everything up in your heart and mind. Communication can make you feel better and relaxed. Listening to others’ stories of how they overcome their self-doubt, and low confidence can make you understand that you are not the only one who feels insecure about yourself. Telling others your story will help you get clarity about some thoughts and help you get rid of some useless thoughts.

Listening to and knowing each others’ stories will help you to clear your thoughts.

Develop a positive attitude towards failure

Always overthinking about your mistakes or failure will not lead to anything beneficial. Instead of showering your minds or hearts with negative thoughts, develop optimistic thinking. Mistakes are just a revision, you should learn your mistake and correct it instead of crying over that. This will help you learn something new, but you will feel more confident than before about that particular thing.

Change your perception

Instead of thinking that you don’t have any ability or any merits, think about all the strengths you possess. Try thinking about the fields you are interested in, think about your strengths, and make them better. This will make you feel energetic, optimistic, and motivated.

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Correct your rules

Change your rules as sometimes your rules are your reason for failure. If you believe that ‘You should always know the answer’, ‘You are always right’, ‘Never ask for help’, ‘Never express your feelings. All these are wrong, think opposite to these like ‘You may not always know the answer’, ‘You may not always be correct, ‘It’s okay to ask for help’, ‘It’s good to express or cry sometimes as it won’t make you feel weaker.


These are some ways that you can cure your imposter disorder. If you want to know more ways, here are some bonus points for you- 

  • Accept your flaws 
  • Trust yourself and your skills 
  • Ask for professional help whenever required 
  • Separate your feelings from the facts
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