5 Proven Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is loaded with nutrients that can positively affect your health. Read more health benefits of dark chocolate.

Dark chocolates will not be on your guilty pleasure list. Though chocolates, if eaten frequently, can be unhealthy, however, dark chocolates are a package full of health benefits. Real dark chocolate is unsweetened and unprocessed. Unlike milk chocolates available in the market, which are processed and sweetened, many nutrients are destroyed. 

If you are looking for good dark chocolate, you should go for chocolates with more than 60% cocoa as they are full of nutrients and have antioxidant properties. 

It can be bittersweet as it has minimum sweet content in the chocolate to keep it healthy when it comes to taste.

They are made from cocoa seeds, which are one of the best sources of antioxidants in plants.

Perks of Consuming Dark Chocolates:

Decrease rate of Cardiovascular Diseases

With the help of a few kinds of research conducted by different groups, it is revealed that people are less prone to cardiovascular diseases with the use of cocoa. Earlier the study was small-scale, but new research with 470 people shows the same result. The regular positive results on cocoa make people think chocolate does have a good impact on lowering down Cardiovascular diseases. Due to the positive effects of chocolates, few authorities are not sure whether they should be labeled as food or a drug.

Reduces your blood pressure 

People who have high blood pressure problems can easily rely on dark chocolates. According to many types of research, chocolates do reduce high blood pressure. It is affordable and a mouth-watering way to solve this problem. People who have hypertension gain significant benefits from it. Flavonols work better when there is high blood pressure.
Tea and fruits, and other things are known for antioxidants, but cocoa has more antioxidants than these.

Fights against depression

Dark chocolate has a component known as anandamide. It works in mood uplifting and boosting the body. It works without cardiovascular disease or addiction problems that come hand in hand with other alternatives.
It has another component, theobromine. This component is similar to caffeine. When consumed regularly, it causes a dip in BP and causes feelings of excitement and lots of energy.
It has one more component, phenethylamine, metabolized into serotonin in the human body, which is essential for regulating mood. The serotonin deficiency can cause trouble mood issues. You can use chocolates to overcome the weakness.

Powerhouse of antioxidants

Antioxidant activity of foods can be measured by Oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC). 
Though biological relevance is in doubt because the method of measuring it is a test tube, the results were satisfying, according to which unprocessed cocoa beans have one of the highest-scoring foods. 
Whether the same effect can be found in the body or not is still questionable. Dark chocolates have a great number of organic compounds. These include polyphenols and flavonols, etc.
With the help of research, it has been found that cocoa has the highest antioxidants compared to these.  

Works as a sun shield 

It may be astonishing, but, indeed, dark chocolate’s benefits aren’t restricted to the inner body but to the outer body too. It helps to prevent your skin from the sun. Sun damage can be prevented from flavanols. It also increases the blood flow along with boosting skin density and hydration. 

Summing up 

When mouth-watering chocolates come with so many benefits, then what is stopping you from consuming them? Few more benefits are-
  • It can fight against diabetes
  • It helps in controlling your cough 
  • Aids in pregnancy 
  • Improves brain functioning
Many more health benefits are there of consuming dark chocolates. You should immediately add it to your diet.
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