How To Organize Your Refrigerator (Fridge) & Keep It Clean

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You can live a happy life if you eat well. The food you eat is essential, and you have to make sure that the food is fresh. If you want your food to be fresh, you have to keep your fridge clean and healthy. A refrigerator is a place where most of your ready-to-eat food is stored. If the refrigerator is not clean and properly organized, then your food can be stale. This gives rise to various problems like food poisoning.

You keep different varieties of food items together in the fridge. This can cause germs and bacteria, so it is crucial to keep the fridge clean.

You should organize the food into different categories or sections and put it according to that. You should also throw all the items which stink or are expired. Make a routine of cleaning your fridge once a week or once in two weeks.

Ways to keep your Refrigerator germ-free 

Clean the interior of the fridge

First, make a solution of water and some liquid soap. Then clean the interior of the fridge. If possible, remove all the trays and shelves one by one and wash them separately. This will increase the sanity in your fridge. You can also use a kitchen cleaner to clean the walls of the fridge. The shelves and trays should be completely dry before putting them back.  

Clean the exterior of the fridge

The exterior of the fridge is equally important as the interior is. Multiple times we touch the surface of the fridge, if it is not clean, then it can spread germs. You only require a good cleaner for this. If you don’t have a cleaner, you can add 1 tbsp liquid soap and 1 tbsp vinegar in warm water. This will be an excellent cleaner for the exterior of your fridge. Dampen the cloth or sponge in the solution and then start cleaning it with the door handles.

Then clean the gasket, use the same solution and clean it with a cloth. 

Keep the meat in the bottom 

The most chilled area in the fridge should contain the most prone items. You can use the freezer area for raw material, meat, and seafood, etc. To make sure that the food item doesn’t leak, you can use an airtight container. You can put meat on a plate, and it will look more organized and sanitized.

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Items that should be kept at the top and the bottom

The top and bottom area of the fridge is the warmest. You should store those items that don’t have a particular temperature to be stored. You can put different sauces, juice, water, and jarred items. You should also store packed items as they will not get ruined easily. 

How to increase your fridge’s life 

You should make a rule that you should separate cooked and uncooked items. There are chances of food being contaminated. You can divide the shelves and trays according to different things—some for drinks, some for raw food items, some for cooked items, etc. 

Be aware that mold infections like bread are more prone to that. If you see any drip or any fallout, then you should clean the area immediately. This will maintain hygiene and sanity.

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How to organize your fridge 

Don’t overcrowd your fridge with food items and let air pass through different food items. Keep the food at the proper temperature. You should read the labels of food items and throw things that have been in the fridge for too long. A spoil odor, change in color, or any other spoilage should be thrown away immediately.

Summing Up 

It would be best if you made a schedule for cleaning your fridge. Make a daily habit of cleaning any fallout immediately, as it will reduce your workload during weekly cleaning. You should do weekly cleaning or remove the shelves and trays sanitized. Make a habit of cleaning your fridge from outside when you do dusting at home. 

Another tip for maintaining your fridge healthy is using the high humidity drawers for keeping vegetables.

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