Best and Worst Food for Oral Health

Foods that stain and erode teeth, along with those that can be prevented or reversed. Here are some of best and worst for your oral health.

When it comes to health, oral health is equally important as inner and outer body health. If you eat frequent sugary or unhealthy food then they cause you plenty of problems including dental problems.

Also in this pandemic reach to dentists has become minimal. This caused people to realize the importance of oral health. Those irresistible sugary or starchy foods are the major reason for dental problems.

Though these foods give you inner pleasure when we talk about teeth they work the opposite. They are full of bacteria and germs which cause tooth decay and several other diseases in teeth. When you eat starch or sugary items it comes in contact with plaque, an acid is formed. It takes 20 minutes or longer after you finish eating. Hard enamel is broken due to the repeated attacks on the surface of teeth. It leads to tooth decay.

If you want to maintain your healthy and beautiful smile then you have to look into your diet. What you eat, is what you are. If you consume healthy foods, then you will have white and healthy teeth all the time. You can achieve this without having frequent visits to dentists or using chemicals to make your teeth look adorable.

Food items you should add to your diet for oral health

Dairy products

Food items like cheese work wonders for teeth. It is high in calcium and low in sugar.

Calcium is necessary for bone density. It also contains a protein called casein, which helps in fortifying tooth enamel. It is also rich in phosphate, which balances the pH value in the mouth. Another quality that it contains is that it increases saliva production in the mouth. This in return removes bacteria present in the mouth.

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Few more dairy items; Milk, as it is the perfect drink for the teeth. It is rich in calcium and various other elements which are beneficial for the teeth. It also decreases acid levels in the mouth and makes your teeth healthy and strong. Curd is another dairy product that is packed with probiotics and calcium which protects you from bad breath, cavities, and many more.

Water is an essential drink that is beneficial for your whole body including your teeth.


Green and Black teeth are highly beneficial for your teeth. Due to the presence of polyphenols, it interacts with various bacterias present in the mouth. It either holds back or kills the bacteria. It either stops the bacteria from producing or making acid that attacks teeth. A cup of tea can also be fluoride, it depends on the quality of water you use to brew your tea.

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are filled with prebiotics. Leafy food helps to clean your teeth but also supports a healthier oral microbiome. In comparison to carbohydrates, greens help the mouth to produce more nitrite- decreasing bacteria. Nitric oxide is also increased which is beneficial for the cardiovascular system and the mouth.

You should opt for darker green vegetables as they are filled with more minerals and also strengthen your teeth’ structure. Items you can opt for are Spinach, turnip greens, and arugula, etc.


When we talk about nuts they are highly advantageous and filled with nutrients. They have elements like phosphorus and calcium. Few nuts help to fight back the bacteria which causes tooth decay, those nuts are almonds, cashews and brazil nuts, etc.

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Almonds are a great source of calcium and peanuts are filled with calcium and Vitamin D. Both of them help the teeth and gum to become strong and healthy. Cashews stimulate saliva and walnuts contain elements like fiber, folic acid, iron, Vitamin E, niacin, magnesium, and potassium, etc.

Food items to avoid for healthy teeth

Candies and sweets

Since childhood, you have heard not to eat too many sticky candies and sweets. There is a scientific reason behind that. Even if you eat these, clean your mouth immediately. Lollipops, caramel, chocolates and cough drops, etc. these things should not be eaten often. All the items which contain refined sugar should not be consumed. Eating chocolates regularly causes cavities in the mouth.

ADA states that chocolates decay teeth more quickly than any other sweets. Chocolates with more cocoa content like dark chocolates have health benefits and are also advisable.

Soft Drinks

Though they are mouth-watering but not good for the body. These drinks are highly popular among youth. They are filled with sugar and carbohydrates. Soft drinks are filled with phosphoric and citric acids that decay tooth enamel.

Items that dry out the mouth
Items that dry your mouth should be avoided. Items like medicines and alcohol, etc. You can ask your dentists for a fluoride rinse or fluoride gel for brushing your mouth.


Whenever you eat bread, starch breaks down into sugar with the help of saliva. Now the dry substance has turned into a gummy-like substance and the breadsticks to the crevices between the teeth. This can cause cavities.

You can have whole wheat items when you are craving carbs. These are less- refined and less sugar and are not easily broken.


Even after you follow full healthy procedures for teeth like brushing twice a day and cleaning your mouth after eating, etc. You often forget to avoid these items or add necessary items to our diet for oral health.

Healthy and strong teeth make you look more confident. Few other items you should avoid are ice, potato chips, and dried fruits, etc. these all are unhealthy for your teeth. Prevention is better than cure. That is why you should avoid consuming these items. Even if you consume you should rinse your mouth immediately and brush properly. Most importantly, visit a Dentist when it is required.

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