Soya Chunks: Its Nutritional Facts & Benefits

Find out why Soya chunks are beneficial to your health, from their nutritional value to their many health benefits.
With a growing and developing world people are getting aware of the need for the conservation of animals and turning themselves into vegans. The innumerable benefits of eating green food or healthy food without hurting any living being are now popularly used by people. This is why people are becoming vegetarians.

Soya chunks are loaded with lots of protein, which makes them the first choice for every fitness lover. Due to their meat-like density and texture along with their appetizing appearance, soya chunks are popular among both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people.

What are soya chunks made of?

Soy chunks are occupied by the ‘defatted’ soy flour. While extracting soybean oil the left products lead to soya chunks. It further obtains a rough texture when it is left dry. Soya chunks obtain a soft and spongy nature when they are added to gravy or submerged in warm water.

You can also compare it to a non-vegetarian food item due to its appearance and taste or it can also be known as ‘vegetarian meat’. In Indian households, soya chunks are cooked to give a touch of non-veg curry taste without being one.

The nutritional value behind Soya chunks

Soya chunks not only taste divine but also come with a package of health benefits. Some of its nutritional values are-

  • A serving of soya chunks (100gm) has a good amount of calcium in them. It is believed it makes up to 30-35% of daily calcium consumption that a healthy person requires.
  • Soya chunks also have considerable calories in them. So you should manage your calories intake accordingly.

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  • They have a great number of proteins in them. When we compare the same amount of chicken and egg with soya chunks, soya chunks have larger protein than the rest two.
  • On the one hand, where soya chunks are so rich in proteins and other nutritional value, it has an insignificant fat amount.
  • Few traces of iron, Vitamin C and A can also be traced in their benefits.

The Benefits of Soya Chunks

Used as a meat alternative

These vegan or vegetarian trends can lead people to face a deficit of certain nutrients or other healthy things obtained from non-veg items. Proteins are highly found in non-vegetarian food items but a similar amount can be found in soya chunks.

Aids in diabetes

According to a few studies conducted, the results came out that soya chunks can help in managing or preventing diabetes. It enhances the insulin receptors in the human body which works wonders in preventing diabetes from occurring. Soybean can be considered a great anti-diabetic food item.

Improves your heart condition

They are rich in protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids. Which helps in reducing bad cholesterol in the human body. A healthy cholesterol aids in preventing heart diseases which makes soya chunk a good item for the heart.

A must for pregnancy

The doctors often advise pregnant women to enrich themselves with soy-based organic items/products in their diet as it is a golden item for them.

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Soya chunks have several advantages. It contains Vitamin B and folic acid, which is very crucial for women who are pregnant. They have folic acid which gives hand in the obstruction of neural tube defects in infants. It ensures a fit baby and a healthy delivery. Having a healthy diet aids in preventing any mishaps during childbirth.

Promotes healthy bones

Soybeans are enriched with minerals, calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, and many more. All of these in combination enhance healthy and strong bones. It also enhances orthotropic activity. Some benefits of soy-based products are-

  • Makes your bones stronger
  • Grows new and healthy bones
  • Fastens the healing process of bones

Summing up

These are few advantages of having soya chunks in your diet and if you want to know more benefits, below are some-

  • Betters your digestive process
  • Contains anti-inflammatory substances
  • Regulates hormonal disbalance in women.
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Controls blood sugar level
  • Anti-cancer properties

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Some appetizing food items that you can make from soya beans are- 

  • Soya Pulao Recipe
  • Sprouts
  • Soya nuts
  • Tofu

However, before consuming soya products you should remember too much of anything is not good. Soy products can enhance estrogen and uric acid levels in the human body. It also leads to bloating, acne, weight gain, and mood swings.

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