Practical Tips For Portion Control

Portion control doesn't mean counting your food or eating minutely, but you need to decrease your appetite from normal consumption a bit.

Who doesn’t love eating junk foods, sweets, and high-calorie food, etc? Do you? If yes, then you come in the majority. Though they are delicious, appetizing, and look appealing they are not good for health if consumed frequently. Another issue that comes with your eating is the speed you eat, people due to their busy and hectic schedule tend to eat faster than the average speed.

It will eventually lead to overeating and can also make you suffer from obesity. Now it’s the time to bring the change in your life. Change your eating pattern and the amount you eat. One way to keep a healthy lifestyle is to keep your portion under control.

Managing your portions don’t you have to count your portion or you have to eat minutely. You just have to reduce your appetite a bit in comparison to normal ones. This helps to prevent over-eating.

Few easy and effective methods for portion control

Commence your day with Water

Drinking warm water after you wake up will help you to lose weight and will also make your stomach feel fuller. It will help you to reduce your breakfast intake.

According to research conducted you should at least have one big glass of water an hour before your meal. A similar concept goes in this as it will make your stomach full which will in return decrease your appetite. You should at least have 6-8 liters of water in a day, to control your portion.

Add on colorful veggies to your diet

Loading up your diet with several colorful vegetables will help you to increase your nutritional value. It will boost your energy, health and also lose weight. You don’t have to move or compromise in any scenario to lose weight or boost your nutritional value.

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Adding that to your meals will make it look more appetizing and you will crave to eat. If you want to don’t like the food taste then you can dip that in yogurt or mayonnaise. A pinch of salt or black pepper will also enhance the taste. This will automatically reduce your portion.

Carry your snacks with you

Munching your snacks is better than eating a large portion after a long break. Due to our hectic work or busy schedule, we often forget to eat our meal or skip the meal. By the time we will remember to eat we will be famished. This eventually leads to low blood sugar and this results in intaking a high portion of food than you usually eat. 

However, if you ingest snacks in between will help to control your portion.

Avoid high-calorie food intake

Everyone loves to gobble high-calorie food, sugary food, or junk food like soda rich in sugar, chips, pizza, and burger, etc. these food items are easily available and also rich in calories. This all will make you feel full at a time but can make you more hungry after some time. It also contributes a lot to obesity.

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Use plate as your guide

Unconsciously we tend to add on items in a plate that looks empty (larger ones) in comparison to smaller plates. As small plates get filled faster than the bigger ones. So you should use smaller plates as these will decrease your portion intake without compromising your hunger.

Summing up

These are some easy ideas to control your portion. If you want more suggestions, here are the ideas mentioned below-

  • Try using a measuring cup before having your food items
  • Don’t pick your close one’s leftovers
  • Be selective of your food items 
  • Eat by taking your time 
  • Try to wear body-fitting clothes before having your lunch outside.

These are some ideas that will help you eat. All these will contribute to having a check on your portion intake.

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