How to Improve Body Strength: Exercises and Nutrition

'Fitness' is more about strength and power than a slim body shape, not to mention that those who are larger are much healthier.

There are multiple manifestations of the word ‘fitness’. Some may believe it getting Slimmer or reducing weight or gaining strength. Though there are different predefined notions for the word. However, one thing should not be ignored that building strength in your body is more crucial.

Some people like to do exercise only to get in a ‘socially acceptable’ physique. Though being slim is good, it doesn’t define your well-being or toughness. Everybody is beautiful no matter what shape you are in. More important thing is to build your body and make it internally strong.

‘Fitness’ has more to do with the power and strength than the slim or perfect body shape. Sometimes those who are thin aren’t in a good shape while those who are bubbly are much healthier.

Everyone’s body is different, so is your shape. A good muscle will help you when you will age, not a good shape. Thus, exercising is more important to build your muscles rather than going into perfect shape.

What are the exercises to increase body strength?


We sit and stand every time, however, we don’t realize it is also an exercise that can increase our strength. Only if done properly. The exercise is beneficial for your glutes and legs. It makes your lower body muscles rigid.

However, remember to do it properly, otherwise, it can cause knee pain. Your butt should be pushed out as you sit on a chair. Remember, to use your hips and thighs to stand. Don’t push your knees in a forward direction while standing. If your knees are moving only while sitting down and your hips are working in the latter half then you are doing it correctly.

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Push-ups are a great exercise to build your muscles. It is an exercise for bodybuilders and sportspeople. They work effectively on your shoulders and chest. In the beginning, they are back-breaking, as you won’t be able to get up easily. So, you should try first keeping your knees on the ground then do it. Slowly increase the level of toughness. This will reduce the weight of your body.


A common exercise often used in the gym is the plank. It’s a great exercise to strengthen your core, arms, legs, and hands. Plank is a great exercise to build abs and also to strengthen your hand muscles and upper body.

It also strengthens your lower back and abdominal muscles. Those who have lower back pain can benefit from this. You should do it using your forearms not your hands as it can impact your wrists. If you are a beginner then try doing it by keeping your knees on the ground if you find it difficult.

Diet to follow for a strong body


Bananas help you to give instant power/energy to work out and also supply potassium to strengthen your muscle building. They are rich in sucrose, fructose, and glucose. Bananas are also rich in preserving your memory, which enhances the ability to learn and remember. It also aids in regulating your mood.

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Homemade milk, curd, or yogurt are packed with calcium and protein. It aids in strengthening your bones and preventing injuries. It also has bacteria present in it, known as ‘probiotics’.

This aids in enhancing gut health, immune system, and also helps cool our inner body.

Green vegetables

Green veggies are rich in iron, nitrates, and also have other nutrients. It also aids in improving iron deficiency, keeps the eyes in good health, and builds your immune system.

Protein-rich diet

A protein-rich diet is always advisable for a good body or powerful body. They are available in paneer, soya, and chicken, etc. you can use them as a post-workout snack. People also consume protein shakes before the gym to keep themselves full of energy.


All these exercises and food items are very beneficial for your body. You should give it a try. If you want to know more food items then below are some names- 

  • Nuts 
  • Watermelon 
  • Broccoli

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