5 Simple Health Tips For Monsoon!

Follow these health tips for monsoon. Monsoons offer a respite from the heat, but they also bring a host of health problems.

The first rain of the monsoon is celebrated in Indian houses by having pakoda and chai. Most of us remember eating this in childhood or still eat it to mark the onset of monsoon.

Monsoon is a season of celebrating relief from the scorching heat. It also marks a new beginning or a refreshment in everyone’s life. It is a refreshing time that makes our mother earth feel refreshed and exerts all the heat it is holding.

The monsoon season is a beautiful time, yet it has its shortcomings. It works as a breeding ground for fleas, mosquitoes, and other insects. It gives birth to various diseases like cold, malaria and dengue, etc. Keeping your body fit and healthy becomes more important in this season of diseases.

Tips to keep you going in the monsoon

Avoid Junk Food 

Street food items like freshly cut fruits or junk foods like noodles or chilli potatoes, etc. though it tastes delicious for some people they act as an incubator for various problems. Roads have potholes around which many mosquitoes and various insects live, and it also contains dust. All these are included in your food items purchased from roadside stands.

Especially in the monsoon season, potholes are overfilled due to continuous rain and humidity increases, attracting various disease-causing insects. You can have food poisoning, malaria or jaundice, etc., from eating these food items.

Homemade Fresh Fruit Juice 

Having juices like apple, orange, guava, or mixed, etc., not only tastes appetizing but is also packed with various health benefits. Orange juice is the best beverage as it increases the person’s willpower, boosts metabolism, and detoxifies the body. 

Apple juice also aids in detoxifying the body and increases the pH level while preventing any stomach issues. It helps the body to fight against malaria and diarrhoea, which are commonly found in this season.

Say No to Stagnant Water 

Monsoon season gives birth to accumulated water near houses or roads, etc., giving pace for insect breeding. Though they are centimetres in size still, they can be harmful when it comes to your health. There are few tips to follow to keep your house mosquito-free.

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Use mosquito repellent in the evening for your kid’s room and yours too. Make sure there is no clogged drain in your house. Close windows and doors in the evening as mosquitos come mostly during the evening.

You and your family members should use insect repellent while going out of the home in monsoon season.

Add more Vitamin C to your diet

Prepare your body to fight against the viruses and other diseases prevailing in this monsoon. People easily get allergic reactions, fever or diarrhoea, etc. It can be due to the contaminated air filled with dust, gases and toxic insects, etc.  

You should keep your body fit in this situation. You can do this by intaking more Vitamin C.

You can consume hot water with tbsp of honey and half a lime. You can also have orange juice or eat sprouts or green vegetables, etc. all these will boost your immunity to fight against these infections. 

Ingest more bitter food items

Building your immunity is crucial in this season. You can easily do this by consuming bitter foods like neem, bitter gourd, herbal teas, dandelion greens, and many more. This will help you stay away from stomach infections, fever, or any common disease of the season. 

These vegetables or fruits have high doses of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. You will see a glow on your face, and it will also solve your acne issue. It also helps in preventing any chronic disease from occurring.

Summing Up

These are some suggestions for a healthy body in the monsoon. Few more tips are –

Avoid drinking fizzy drinks, consume your food in moderation, you can add a little disinfectant to your bathwater, maintain hygiene, and exercise to keep your body fit.

The monsoon is a pleasant and spirit-uplifting season, but it does make your health vulnerable. With the simple measures as suggested above, you can enjoy this season without worrying about your health.

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