5 Best Countries For Food: A Travel Guide for Foodies

World's best food: which country? These are the world's best food, according to our research. We have covered everything.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience. Food can represent the culture, customs or the whole country. Traveling + Food is perfect for all the foodies. It allows them to sit and eat with the local people and sharing their cuisine is indeed an honorable and venerable experience.

While traveling to the local market and having a bite of their street food can help you explore a lot about the city’s or country’s culture. Travelling makes you realize the ethnicity and customs behind every food item. Trying something new may be doubtful but it’s worth the shot.

If you are a foodie and a travel freak then here are some countries for people like you.

Top Best Countries Food Are:


A country is known for its species and diversity in culture. When you travel to India you will experience a variety of food items. There are innumerable food items found in every state, where some represent the history and authenticity of its culture. Like Daal Baati Churma of Rajasthan, Litti Chauka of Bihar and Chole Bhatura of Delhi, etc. These are few examples portraying the ancient meals with mouth-watering tastes.

The aroma of various curries with different pieces of bread makes an incredible combination of delicious and healthy food. The use of spices adds natural color and taste to the dish which makes it look more attractive and appetizing.

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Traveling to India, a few dishes that should be on the bucket list are Pav Bhaji, Indian momos, Dal Makhni + Naan, Masala Dosa, and Indian Sweet dishes like Glab Jamun, Rasgulla or Halwa and many more.


France is known for its architecture and romantic location along with the fashion of Paris. 

When we talk about food in France it is not only appealing but also satisfactory. In Lyon, if you enter any restaurant, you will not return hungry. It is a perfect combination of city with food and great markets. A shopaholic + Foodie can make it his/her dream place. 

Some classic and tempting cuisines of France are a mixture of a complicated procedure and long preparation with a variety of sauces.

Few famous dishes of France are; boeuf bourguignon, french fries with a combination of wine which adds more to its taste.

Wine is made accessible for all socioeconomic conditions as no dish is complete without wine for French people.


It is known for its spicy food. The most common example of the delicious cuisines of Mexico is tacos and quesadillas. The cuisine of Mexico was named by the UN as an intangible cultural heritage. The food is a mixture of indigenous culture along with neighbors’ influence like the United States and also a bit of Spanish colonization.

From street foods to Michelin-starred chef restaurants all are a perfect fit for a food lover. They know how to mesmerize you with their cuisine.

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Few extraordinary dishes of Mexico are Ceviche, Tacos El Pastor, Cochinita Pibil.


China has one of the best cuisines in the world with diversity in food and is known for its fruit. Sadly, only a few people know about real Chinese cuisine and its authenticity. Chow mein, fortune cookies, or sweet and sour pork are not so in demand in China, but foreign Chinese chefs adopted them to make their dish more palatable. China comes with lots of mouth-watering dishes but not all dishes can be eaten by other people.

Few dishes of China that should be added to every foodie’s list are Sichuan Hot Pot, Guo Bau Rou, Dumplings, soup dumplings, and many more.


Japanese culture and customs are renowned all over the world, so does its food. Its sushi and kaiseki meal have an appetizing taste. Another dish which is famous is ramen. Some Japanese dishes that you should definitely give a try are; Miso soup which glorifies the basic fundamental taste/flavor of Japanese food.

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Tempura is another mouth-watering dish. It is a perfect combo of deep-frying. It is non-greasy and the batter is thin and light in nature.

Summing Up

These are a few countries which are like a delight for all foodies. These are not only mouth-watering but each dish comes with a history and also they are affordable. Fe more countries that can be added to your list are-

  • Korea 
  • Thailand 
  • Greece
  • Japan 
  • Slovenia 
  • United States

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