Black Coffee: Benefits and Side Effects

Your favorite way to start each day and feel energised, but do you know much about it? Black coffee has several benefits, and side effects.
Caffeine is the most consumed substance in the world. Black coffee is usually consumed in the morning for energy and strength. People also consume at night when they have to wake up all night due to work or studies. People of all age groups drink coffee, but black coffee is taken mainly by youth or mid-age to keep themselves invigorated and electrified.

Black coffee is brewed coffee without adding any substance like sugar, cream, or milk. It is made up of coffee and water, due to which it isn’t very pleasant and has a huge amount of caffeine in it.

However, black coffee comes with lots of advantages and disadvantages. Read the full blog to understand it better.

Pros of black coffee

Prepare you for physical activity

If you consume black coffee before your workout (an hour before) or before any heavy physical activity is planned, it is expected that your performance will be increased by 10%-12%. Black coffee stimulates the fight or flight hormone (adrenaline). This leads to more physical activity.

Aids in weight loss

If you want to keep your body fit or lose some weight due to some medical reason, or you don’t feel comfortable in your current shape, black coffee is a great option. It contains 0% of sodium, cholesterol, carbohydrate, fats, and sugars. Thus consuming it does not mean you will gain weight.

Keep your mind alert and focused

People tend to consume black coffee when they have to focus or be awake at night or day. Drinking 1-5 cups of black coffee will help you do this. However, too much caffeine can be harmful to you.

Shorten your death risk

According to a study conducted, regular coffee intake can help people lower their risk of early death.

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Give you a stronger heart

Regular intake of coffee helps the person to have improved cardiovascular health. However, the effects can be reduced with passing the time. It also reduces the risk of having a stroke, giving you a stronger heart than before.

Cons of Black Coffee

Increase in the stress hormone

Everything beyond a limit is harmful. The same goes for black coffee. Too much coffee can stimulate stress hormones which lead to anxiety, worry, and other issues. You can also feel jittery due to lots of consumption of caffeine.

No bed routine

If you have coffee before your bed, then you may not be able to sleep. That is why it is advised not to take coffee a few hours before your bedtime if you want to have a healthy sleep. As it can lead to several problems, the most common problem after disturbed sleep is dark circles.

Pregnant ladies should avoid consuming it

Pregnant ladies are advised not to take more than a cup of coffee a day as your baby is sensitive to caffeine. This means if you are a heavy coffee consumer, then avoid taking it if you are pregnant.

Can cause you stomach pain

Sometimes drinking black coffee is consumed empty-stomach. This can be due to late-night work and you have to stay awake or due to important work which requires attentiveness in the morning.

However, drinking caffeine empty stomach can cause severe stomach pain. This is due to the acid that gets mixed up in your stomach. The stomach acid is used to break the food and send it to an end, which ends up in stomach pain. Therefore, don’t drink black coffee empty stomach.

It can lead to death

If you drink around (70-100) cups of coffee in a short duration. It can be fatal in nature as the amount of caffeine in the body can cost you your life. As too much caffeine will lead to vomiting periodically. This eventually can be lethal.

Summing up

After reading this, you would have understood that coffee can be harmful too. You should know that caffeine has several advantages, but it doesn’t have any nutritional value. Regular caffeine intake can lead to difficulty absorbing essential minerals and nutrients like zinc, calcium, iron, etc.

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Anything within a limit is good for you. Therefore, consuming 2-3 cups of black coffee is good for you. As it prevents a few diseases which are mentioned above. It can also build up your muscles. Remember, if you brew your coffee attentively and it is a toxin-free drink then you can enjoy your eating.

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