5 Health Benefits of Cardamom

Traditional Indian medicine uses cardamom in helping digestion, among other purposes. Here are 6 health benefits of cardamom.
When we talk about Indian cuisine it is full of flavors, options, and colors. It not only tastes delicious but also comes with lots of health benefits. Indian spices are renowned for their medicinal work since ancient times.

Cardamom is added to this list of beneficial spices. Cardamom comes in a light greenish color with a sweet flavor that you can a bit compare to mint. The main ingredient of Ayurveda is Cardamom and can also be considered an ancient Indian herb. It comes with several advantages however, it also comes in the list of the most expensive food item in the world.

The seeds, extracts of cardamom, and oil have great medicinal properties. However, this medicine is not bitter. It is often used in dishes and beverages to add some aroma and fascinating taste to the dish. It is effective in treating throat problems, mouth infections, congestion of the chest, reduces the risk of heart disease, minimizes cholesterol, and can also be used as an antidote for venom and poison. Cardamom is exported and used all over the world.

Advantages of consuming cardamom

Reduces blood pressure

Cardamom can be seen as a great remedy for lowering high blood pressure. A study was conducted where 20 people who recently got diagnosed with high BP received 3 grams of cardamom. After consuming cardamom, it was observed that after 3 months people suffered from less high BP issues.

It can be observed that people have a high level of antioxidants in them. There was also an observation that it promoted urination. It helps in removing water that is excess in your body like water around the heart. Cardamom has been effective in high BPs due to the diuretic effect.

Helps in fighting against cancer compounds

Cardamom helps in fighting cancer cells. A research was conducted on mice which gave results that its powder has an enzyme that fights against cancer.

It also has the capability of natural killer cells to fight against tumors.

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Research conducted on mice resulted that cardamom can prevent the growth of tumors and attack cancer. However, this research is still not fully valid as it was not on humans. So we don’t know whether they will work similarly on humans too.

Prevent from Chronic Diseases

Cardamom has a high amount of anti-inflammatory properties. It has compounds that fight inflammation. Cardamom has a high amount of antioxidant properties which protect cells from damage and prevent inflammation from occurring.

Wondering what is inflammation? When the body is exposed to foreign substances it causes inflammation. Long-term inflammation can be very dangerous for your body but short-term inflammation is advantageous for your body.

A study was conducted on rats which showed results that cardamom reduced liver inflammation. It is caused by eating a rich diet of carbs and fat.

This is yet to be experimented on humans, still, there is a chance of reducing inflammatory properties.

Confront the bad bacteria

Above are not only the benefits of cardamom, but it also has several more advantages in it. Another such great benefit is that it is filled with antioxidants and bacteria-fighting compounds. It is highly beneficial for your oral health if you consume it regularly or daily. As it kills all the unhealthy bacteria present in your mouth; palate and tongue. Due to its taste and aroma, it also prevents bad breath.

Gives you relaxation and peace

Last but not least, cardamom has several properties which make you and your body relax. The peaceful effect is due to the antioxidant properties it possesses. There is also a reduction of stress and healthy breathing due to its ability to prevent cholesterol in your body. You will feel refreshed either by chewing cardamom or sniffing cardamom essential oil.

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These are some of the advantages of consuming cardamom daily or regularly. However, there are many more. Some of them are-

  • After surgery recovery
  • A great advantage for your hair and skin
  • Relieves respiratory ailments
  • Help in low blood sugar situations

Cardamom is highly utilized in the culinary or medical fields. It is packed with several vitamins and nutrients and other elements like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, and manganese, etc.

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