What To Expect From Fitness Boot Camp

Fitness Boot camp combine strength training with cardio workouts to burn away excess weight and strengthen the body.

When you hear about fitness boot camp it means adding military-level fidelity workout training. The fitness boot camp is not for those who have a weak heart. The whole drill asks for intensive training. If you are willing to join or already registered for boot camp then congratulations. Wondering what you have to do then below are answers to all the questions.

Fitness boot camps work coordinately with strength and cardio to burn whole excessive fat. It mixes power training with aerobic workouts to strengthen your sufferance. They come with severe sweat, a high heartbeat, and challenge your body muscles. They keep your resting time next to zero and bring you better results. There is a wholesome variation between different studios and also different classes. As each studio and class focuses on different muscles.

Reasons to opt for fitness boot camp

Though you are vacillating about whether you want to try boot camp or not. Though it brings agonizing effects but is also worth it. You will experience a great change in your body after a few days. These camps are held in open areas commonly which is initiated with warm-up programs like stretches and running. They gradually increase your level. Like jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, and lifting weights.

It brings lots of adventure as all exercises are new and made only for outdoor shoots like climbing a rope, jumping over hurdles, and lifting truck tires, and running. Camps that are organized indoors ask for other activities like planks, pull-up squats, lunges, spot jogging, crunches, and pull-ups.

These camps are usually organized in groups that are further segregated into smaller groups. They are asked to compete with each other.

Can running help you lose weight?

Who should avoid boot camps?

Though it comes with lots of advantages it is also not made for everyone. If you are not a person who works out then you should not jump to boot camps directly. You should first develop a habit of intensive workouts at your place then register for such camps. If you have crossed 40 or are expecting (pregnant), or have some severe health issues like heart, joint, or muscle injuries. First, have a body check before you opt for boot camp then go for such camps.

What should you wear?

If you have decided to go for fitness boot camp then some things should be known. Though it’s a boot camp you usually don’t have any specific outfit for this. You can wish your daily gym wear while working out. You can go for body fit or gym leggings (full or cropped) and a sports bra with a loose t-shirt or tank tops for girls. You should wear what you are comfortable in as you have to seat a lot keep in mind. Also dress according to the weather like whether it’s winters, summers, or spring. As you can’t opt for sleeveless tops in winters though you will sweat a lot you can fall ill.

Choose a full-body workout to stay fit

Have a drink before going to class

Sweating means excreting water from your body. So, make a note of drinking water to keep yourself hydrated. Hydration will help you perform your fullest and best. However, don’t drink a lot. If you have morning class then drink a little at the night.

You should have at least 2 glasses of water before your exercise. However, drink at least 1-2 hours before your exercise. Then drink a few more glasses before working out. At least 20-25 minutes before the class.

Also, carry a whole water bottle with you for the class. As you can drink water whenever you require between the class or when you have a water break. That will prepare you to work out more in a more productive manner.

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