Types of belly fat: How to lose it

Wearing tight clothing makes you feel insecure. When you talk in public, you get self-conscious. Read this article to lose belly fat.

Each body shape is perfect, whether you are skinny, thin, or healthy. You are beautiful just the way you are. Having belly fat is normal and nothing to be insecure about. However, having too much-having belly fat can be unhealthy for you. You can develop a habit of chronic diseases. Fat or belly fat can be healthy or beneficial for you if it is balanced.

Belly fat can make you insecure and you feel shameful when your clothes get tight. You get self-conscious when talking in front of others. Also dare not wear tight or body-fitting clothes the way you used to.

Types of belly fat

There are two main types of belly fat.

Subcutaneous fat or Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue (SAT)

This is a type of fat under your skin. This type of fat is soft, it’s the fat you see around your belly. It is observed women have more subcutaneous fat in comparison to men. This is different from the fat found in the abdominal cavity. The positive aspect of subcutaneous fat is that it has a lower probability of increased disease risk.

However, this doesn’t mean that belly fat is beneficial. Any kind of fat is harmful to your body and you can possess chronic disease due to fat.

As talked earlier, if we maintain a balance then this belly can also be healthy for you.

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Visceral Belly Fat

Visceral Belly Fat a.k.a (VBF) or Visceral Belly Fat. It is the fat around your internal organs like kidneys, liver, and pancreas. It is much more extensive in the abdomen than the subcutaneous fat. It can also be called Harmful fat.

This fat is much more metabolically active in comparison to the first one. It has much more cells, blood vessels, and nerves than the SAT.

This fat is related to the hormone insulin, it maintains the blood sugar level. After some time, insulin resistance can cause increased Blood Sugar Level which leads to the formation of type-2 diabetes. It can also cause inflammation, which causes increased disease risk.

How to reduce this belly fat

Increase your physical movement

Enhancing physical movement can lead to reducing belly fat. It is the most common yet beneficial way. You should add high or low-intensity aerobic work-out like Zumba, dancing, and running, etc.

All this leads to the elimination of belly fat from your body.

Say no to sugary beverages

Sugary beverages are appetizing but can lead to belly fat. Drinking beverages with sugar like a soda can cause an increase in visceral belly fat. It can also contribute to increased waist size. Try replacing sugary beverages with water.

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Eliminate alcohol

Alcohol can be beneficial in small amounts, but vice-versa in large amounts. According to research, too much alcohol can cause increased belly fat. It can also lead to an increased risk of forming central obesity. This means the fat that is accumulated around your belly or waist.

This doesn’t mean eliminating alcohol. You should reduce your intake to half.

Enhancement of protein intake

Add protein to your diet, as they are highly beneficial for your body. It can also reduce your belly fat. According to mass research conducted, increased protein intake can cause a smaller waist or reduction in belly fat.

Add more of a whole food diet

Say no to over-processed food and say yes to a whole food diet. Whole food items include fruits, vegetables, beans, and nuts. These all are good sources of proteins and fat. Fat is also a healthy fat for your body.

Summing up

These are some ways you can control or reduce your belly fat. Some other ways are- 

  • Curb your carbohydrates intake
  • Maintain a good sleeping pattern
  • Enhance your fiber intake 
  • Say no to ultra-processed food

You can’t lose belly fat in a day, you need to have patience, control your fat intake, and have a positive attitude towards it.

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