How To Prevent Hearing Damage From Headphones

You can still rock out without damaging your ears, but make sure you turn down the volume on your headphones.

Music is best heard while using headphones. Almost everyone from children to aged people uses headphones as they find them more convenient and better. The youth of our world mostly uses headphones; it increases the sound quality and gives the person its personal space. This fantastic experience comes with the cost of health. Using too many headphones or any other device can lead to hearing loss when you grow old.

According to the World Health Organization’s report, approximately 50% of people aged between 12 to 35 are prone to hearing problems. The reason behind this is the continuous exposure to loud sounds like the use of headphones regularly.

How Headphones, Earbuds Can Slowly Impact Your Hearing Over Time

Dr. Daniel Fink said, people with less exposure to loud noise are less prone to hearing loss, but this may not be the same with people residing in industrial areas.

According to him, young people who use personal devices like earbuds or headphones daily are more exposed to loud noises. When they reach mid-age (in their 40s), they will face hearing issues that people in their 70s or 80s will usually face.

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Hearing loss can also be the reason behind cognitive diseases. The research in 2011 revealed people who have hearing loss in contrast to those who don’t are more vulnerable to cognitive disease.

  • Severe hearing loss people have a higher risk of having dementia.
  • Moderate hearing loss people have three times the risk.
  • Mild hearing loss people have twice timed the risk.

7 ways to prevent yourself from hearing loss

Small changes can make a big difference. If you change your small habits, then you can prevent yourself from hearing loss. Given are the ways to follow that can prevent you from hearing damage.

Use appropriate Application

With the development of technologies, a variety of apps are created for different purposes. Many applications are invented to measure the sound level. There are free and affordable sound level meter apps. They help to measure the noise level in the environment.

The National Institute provides a Free application for Occupational Safety and Health.

According to Fink, smartphone sound level meter applications will help people understand what is loud and what is not.

Take Gaps

Taking a break or gap during binge-watching or listening to favorite music at a high level is challenging and unwilling. It would be best if you took a break in between to save yourself from severe problems. You can take around 5 minutes of the gap in between.

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It is also advisable to minimize your use of ear devices while hearing music or watching Netflix or videos.

Don’t turn the volume too high

You should keep your mobile volume at a moderate level. According to the World Health Organization, the ideal volume of headphones is 85dB. You should not increase the volume as it can be dangerous. A wise action can be to reduce the time people use the headphones. If you often use headphones, you should keep them for less than a half volume.

Use noise-canceling headphones

Headphones are often used to block background noise, easing us to concentrate on important tasks at hand. The obstacle is, the louder the environmental noise, the higher we turn up the volume. Noise-canceling headphones utilize a technology named active noise reduction; this limits noise from outside by forming a sound signal that cancels out background sounds. This enables you to listen to music at a lower volume level and makes it less possible that you’ll need to adjust the volume higher the longer you listen.

Choose headphones over earbuds

Earbuds have become very popular in recent years, especially as smartphones have become universal. These small silicone or plastic devices are set directly in the ears as opposed to headphones, which are covered over the ear. It’s a complex but important difference: the closer the sound source is to your eardrum, the more likely you will undergo hearing damage.

Listen to Warnings

A hearing aid or loss of hearing is due to exposure to high volumes. Mobile phones or headphones have an in-built feature that gives a warning if the volume is too high. You should adhere to these warnings and lower the volume. This will help you from later problems.

Wear hearing shield

You can save yourself from various hearing issues just by wearing hearing shields. These are highly beneficial for daily users. They come in multiple forms; earmuffs, reusable non-custom plugs, foam plugs, or custom-fit hearing protection.


Recognize how frequently we all listen to music since it became transportable. We listen in the car, at the gym, at work, and at home, even while falling asleep. We can connect music to virtually every aspect of our lives. It’s the usage of headphones that has become the biggest threat to hearing damage.

That amount of exposure—if you’re not cautious—can slowly and quietly take your hearing at an early age, leading to hearing aids later in your life.

And since nobody is prepared to eliminate music, we have to determine other ways to protect our hearing. Luckily, there are simple and easy safeguards we can all practice, as mentioned above. If you have any difficulty while hearing, then you should look for a professional doctor. They will help you better.

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