5 Healthy Eating Accounts Worth Following on Social Media

Our expert shares 5 healthy eating pages though they provide mouth-watering recipes. Having well-maintained healthy media eating accounts.
Eating healthy gives your body innumerable benefits. However, every time searching for going can be tiresome and sometimes can lead to procrastination of your healthy diet plan.

Having well-maintained social media accounts can lead to lots of comfort for you in life. Following motivating and informative channels can make you aspire to be a better version of yourself in life.

However, many bloggers or celebrities showcase unattainable goals regarding health goals or what to eat in a day. This can lead to disappointment with yourself. Instead of following these suspicious social media accounts, you should follow channels that provide realistic goals, making you feel that they are one of you, not from some other world as celebrities or bloggers do.

Few healthy eating accounts you should follow

Budget bytes

This page is available on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

When we follow healthy eating pages though they provide mouth-watering recipes, we realize they can cost quite a lot when carefully looking at the ingredients. Due to this, most people can’t add it to their daily meals.

However, Budget Bytes provides delicious recipes at a very affordable rate for ingredients. The recipes give justice to the name as you can include them in your daily meal.

Health Benefits of Fitness Trackers

The founder, Beth Moncel, started this page to meet her end when she recently graduated. However, her recipes are so helpful that she has become a family of 4,00,000 followers.

Those who value quality in food in fewer amounts should follow this page.

Natasha’s Natasha’s Kitchen

The page/channel is available on YouTube and Instagram.

Having a gloomy day or tiring day, go check out Natasha’s Natasha’s Youtube channel. Her cheerful personality, along with funny visual gags and appealing recipes, will energize you.

Her recipes are simple, mouth-watering, and also appealing. She also provides step-by-step visual representations of a few challenging or tricky dishes like ratatouille and macarons, etc.

Though you can’t say, all her recipes are healthy. Still, she makes us fall in love with food, which is a perfect place for foodies. She is a fun teacher who provides joy with food, and her one video will uplift your mood.

Kids eat in color

You can find this page on Facebook and Instagram.

Most parents have pulled their hair to make their children eat nutritious food. Children with few tantrums can wrench at each attempt.

Top ‘Health’ blog to follow in India

The founder, Jennifer Anderson, knows the struggle and importance of making their children eat nutritious food. She provides kids-friendly recipes which are healthy and tasty at the same time. She also provides different other things like toddler size portions, etc.

Real Life Nutritionist

Her page can be found on Instagram.

Having a dietitian is very advantageous for any person to keep your body fit and healthy. This can cost quite a bit, which is not possible for everyone to invest. The founder, Miranda Galati, is a dietitian. She follows hot topics like carbs, detoxes, gluten, and refined sugar, etc. The recipes she provides are breathtaking.

She follows the philosophy “All Food Fit”. She gives suggestions on how to make a basic meal nutritious.

Every follower is curious about what that personality is eating. To solve this, she frequently posts ”things I ate this week”.

Compston Kitchen

They are registered dietitians who are not only married but also love to cook. They tell about healthy food items or dishes and suggest how to make those dishes appetizing. They use the hashtag #upgradedeverydayeats to promote their tasty yet healthy dishes.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: 3 Oatmeal Pancake Recipes | CryptoFood

The most important feature is how they make tasty and beneficial dishes from only a few ingredients. You can follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Summing up

There are few more pages that you can follow:

  • Thecryptofood
  • The Mediterranean Dish
  • Vitamin RI
  • Desilicious RD
  • Fit Men Cook
  • Compston kitchen
  • Accessible Wellness

Eating healthy can be delicious, these channels justify it. Set a goal of making at least one dish from these pages. Scrolling your social media account and realizing how your favorite dish can turn nutritious and delicious.

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