4 Ways To Deal With Zoom Calls Anxiety

Nervous around Zoom calls is definitely a thing, but it doesn’t have to be a regular feature of your workday.

This COVID-19 made everyone go digital by choice or force. You can get yourself protected from having COVID-19 by sitting at home, but this transition from the physical world to the virtual world is tough.

When it comes to video conferencing at home, it makes people anxious. Not many people know how to be presentable at a video conference. Though more than a year has passed, people are not able to adapt to the change.

Even if people want to enjoy the opportunity to work from home, and hope they don’t have to get up early to go to the office, go to crowded environments and deal with strangers, etc. Till now, many people have not been able to adjust themselves for video conferencing and presentations.

People feel more stressed, less confident, and anxious compared to the days of physical presence.

Some of the strategies have been listed below to calm you down before your virtual call and presentations. These will help you to be more confident and have a positive attitude towards your virtual meeting.

How you can find your calm behind the screen

Be optimistic

A common human tendency is that we remember bad memories more than good ones. 

For example, if you are giving a presentation for the first time via zoom call. It was a great start but you got stuck in between and then started again. The gap was so impactful in your mind that your first presentation has turned into a bad memory. 

That is why it is advisable to be optimistic, forget about your negative memories. It is okay to make a few mistakes, instead of remembering those mistakes again and again. You should learn from those mistakes and remember that day with all the positive things that happened as you could remember your colleagues saying great points raised or your boss telling you a nice presentation. 

Be attentive 

You should also be attentive during all your calls or meetings. It’s quite tough to be present all day but you have to do it. Many things act as a disturbance for you in a video call. For example, your family making noise in the house or neighbours playing loud music all these things act as a barrier for you to concentrate on the call. You should try to ignore these expected barriers and make your mind strong and focused only on the call. Being attentive in the call brings lots of benefits to you. 

Merits of being present in the video call

Will help you to know what all is happening in the meeting and also make you updated about the current situation in the organization.

Your mind will be occupied with the information that is currently going on instead of adding useless worries in your mind.

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You can answer every question that is asked and you might impress your seniors or boss.

Inoculate yourself 

Inoculating yourself helps a lot in building your confidence and calming you down. Inoculation theory talks about informing yourself of potential problems. 

How to inoculate yourself:

First step 

Have a pre-built mind that there are chances of you facing nervousness or any other kind of anxiety. It is okay to face some issues, everyone faces this issue.

Second step

Prepare a list in your mind of the worst situation that can make you freak out or you don’t want to happen.

For example, my boss can shout at me in the middle of the video call, I may lose the internet connectivity between the presentations, or what if I don’t understand what the speaker is asking or saying to me.  

Third step

Be optimistic and confident about these things that these situations will not occur. If it occurs you can handle it easily. For example, you have great internet connectivity and if you lose the connectivity then you can connect it to data. If I am not able to understand the speaker’s wordings then I can ask again. 

Groom yourself 

You should dress professionally no matter if you are at the office or not. If you dress formally then it will give you the motivation to be attentive and be confident. Though you are comfortable in pajamas but change to jeans or pants. Your mind will automatically make you feel you are in a work environment and have to be focused. 

Summing Up 

There are many other ways you can feel calm and relaxed like talking in front of the mirror and friends to enhance communication skills, take a deep breath before speaking anything, tell them your concerns like facing any issue or worry and at last, if you fail at a particular time doesn’t mean you will fail every time. Have a plan to recover.

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