3 reasons why you should have 6 meals

After you develop a habit of eating 6 meals a day, you will realize that you are eating much less than you used to.

You have probably heard that eating proper meals can be beneficial for your whole body. This is an undeniable fact therefore having proper meals is necessary.

Skipping meals wont aid you in anything. Having small meals throughout the day aids in keeping you energized. However, make a note that all your meals should be healthy to avail all the advantages.

You should have six small meals over the three square meals as it contributes to keeping you in shape. It also staves off your hunger, keeps your metabolic rate high and also comes with several other benefits. You are not required to workout. After developing a habit of 6 meals a day, there will be an epiphany that you are eating much less than what you used to.

Though there are no theoretical benefits that 6 meals a day can provide to the human body. However, if you eat less calorie food and eat less in a day it will automatically give you better results and awaken your body.

Why opt for 6 meals over 3 meals?

Prevents you from overeating

When you consume frequently then you eat less. On the other hand, when you eat after many hours then you often overeat.

You already digested the food that you consumed 4-5 hours prior. Now your body requires food to be energetic but you wait for a few hours more this makes you more hungry.

The reason behind this is that you hold on to your hunger for a long time which leads to overeating. This overeating makes you put on weight or bulge.

That’s why you are advised to never skip breakfast as you wake up after 7-8 hours. It also aids in reducing your cravings of junk food as you are already full. Most cravings happen when you are hungry

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Watch what you eat

If you are a mini-meal person then you can eat too much. As long as you eat healthy food and have a constant portion check then your regular cravings can aid in reducing weight.

To keep your diet in control, the easiest way is to maintain a mixing portion control. It means you should include proteins and fibers both in your diet as it makes you full.

Few items you can have-

  • Eat fresh fruits with less cheese. 
  • Eat raw veggies with low-fat cheese or with your favorite sauce. 
  • Have dried nuts or whole-grain cereals. 
  • Have salads

All these items contribute to famishing your hunger. These are not that heavy in consumption that will help you maintain your 6 meals a day. Also it will be more advantageous than 3 meals.

Add more nutrition in your diet

Fill your diet with lots of nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. Your meals don’t matter much when you have a healthy diet.

Add more fruits, whole grains and green veggies to make it more beneficial. These keep you full and also you develop a control over your portion size.

If you develop a habit of eating healthy items then you will realize slowly how beneficial all these items are.

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Summing up

After reading this blog, you must have realized how crucial it is to have a healthy and nutritious diet. Also 6 meals a day can be very advantageous for you. You must have realized this after reading this blog. It also enhances your skin a lot and you will feel an affirmative change in you and your body.

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