Health Food vs Junk Food. How to Make Choices

We know the cons of junk food but then also prefer it over health food. Why do we do so? Learn more about the ill effects of junk food.

Everyone loves eating sugary, greasy, and full carbs foods. When we talk about the food items which are most in-demand among youth, we talk about junk food or sugary foods like cakes, ice creams or sweet dishes, etc.

India is a country of diversity. This diversity comes with lots of mouth-watering food items, especially when we talk about sweet dishes.
With globalization, different kinds of cuisines are available at other places. Italian, Chinese or Mexican, etc., can find food items in India with great demand. 
Youth demand these items more as they are delicious and tempting, but they don’t realize if they consume junk food a lot, it can hamper their bodies.
Healthy food, on the contrary, is less delicious and sometimes bitter but works as an elixir. It contains nutrients and ingredients which act as a portion for a healthy life. The famous personalities we look at and adore eat healthy food all their energy to maintain their body fit and healthy. When we compare both healthy and junk food, junk food wins in terms of taste and demand.

Know About Junk Food

Junk food contains carbs, salt, sugar, carbohydrates, saturated fat, and minimum nutritional elements. It is an unbalanced diet that contains mouth-watering substances. 
They lose all the nutritional value like fibers, water content, vitamins, etc., as they are processed for a long time. They are cheap, ready to use and also can be carried everywhere. 
Few examples of Junk Food items are pastries, chips, cookies, candies, soda, ice cream, pizza, etc. 

Know About healthy food

Healthy food items are packed with nutrients, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other beneficial elements. Consumption of these items helps a person stay away from chronic diseases like cardiovascular problems, cancer, stomach problems, diabetes, obesity, etc. 
They have few calories in them and aids in maintaining a healthy body. Such nutritious food items are apples, green food items, carrots, whole grain, eggs, beans, dairy products, avocados, oatmeals, etc.

Difference Between Junk Food and Healthy Food

Healthy food possesses daily necessities which are required to carry out daily activities to fight against diseases. 
Junk food gives birth to many diseases and is also high in calories, providing you with many temporary problems like acne and weight gain, etc.
Healthy food contains dietary fibers in it which keep your stomach full it prevents overeating. The packed food with minerals and nutrients keeps your digestive system fit and maintains your glucose level along with cholesterol. 
Healthy food helps to maintain your mental, physical and emotional well-being along with other incentives. 


Junk food increases your energy due to unrefined sugar, an increase in fat, and also high carbohydrates that are available. These high energy doses can lead to obesity and metabolism diseases. 
Healthy food is rich in nutrients and low in fat and energy. Low-calorie food aids you in weight management and keeps your body healthy. 

Oil Used 

The oil used is a significant difference between healthy and unhealthy food; whether the fat is saturated or unsaturated, it plays a vital role to keep your body fit. 
Unsaturated fatty oil like sunflower oil, sesame oil, olive oil, etc., has poly and monounsaturated fatty oil, keeping your heart fit and keeping your body free of disorders.  
Junk food contains unhealthy oils like palm oils, butter, dalda, lard, etc. these all are reasons for chronic disorders. 

Their impact on the body 

Fast food increases your chances of health issues, mental instability, and weight gain, while healthy food acts oppositely. According to a few kinds of research conducted, fast food increases metabolism due to an increase in triglyceride level, triggered in blood sugar level along with a spike in blood pressure, and increases the probability of chronic diseases.

Bottom Line 

There are many ways by which you can control your urge to eat junk food:
  • Don’t store junk food at home as it increases your temptations. 
  • Don’t directly eat from the packet; divide it into small portions and eat at different times. 
  • Have proper meals, which will make you less hungry, due to which you will have less urge to junk food. 
  • Keep in your mind all the disadvantages of eating junk food.
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